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The Author Explained
I guess I consider myself an "anime veteran", seeing as I've watched most of the classic anime masterpieces from the greatest and not-so-latest directors. You'll be very surprised to learn that I started watching anime when I was eleven, and that I am currently a senior in high school. Actually, I wasn't even alive when all the great anime series came out. But after growing up with classic anime series, I've come to appreciate the finer things in life that aren't actually as rare as you might think.

I'm an easygoing person, but I'm not absolutely carefree. I have my fair share of problems and stressful situations, just like anyone else. I do hope to go to college and pursue a medical career, or a career in journalism. If neither of those work out for me, I can always go for culinary arts.

I'm also a part of the team at Current Anime. I occasionally write some tidbits on Anime News. I go as 'Schutterbug' over there, so feel free to talk to me on CA. The link is in the blogroll, or the links page. See you there.

The Blog in a Nutshell
This is actually my second or third attempt at maintaining an anime blog. I've been a fan of anime for a significantly long amount of time, and one day, when looking for information on a series I was interested in starting, I came across Novastorm. It inspired me to start my own anime blog, seeing as I had enough history with anime.

My first attempt was with Blogger. I made the wrong decision of trying to write episodic posts; but at my age, I wasn't ready to scrutize an episode and look beneath the surface. I started to lose interest, especially with zero readers.

My second attempt was made on Wordpress. I tried to take up episodic posts once again; I failed. I couldn't keep my ideas and content original, and trying to follow up every episode of anime I watched really used up my watching time.

Now I'm back on Blogger, and this time I've decided to write reviews. It should be easier, as I can analyze a series as a whole, and get the whole picture, giving a confident opinion of that series. I'm proud of my blog so far, because the content is 100% original, and anything that isn't has been quoted and referenced.

I hope to maintain this blog for a lot longer than any of the other blogs lasted. Hopefully you can help me? Visiting often and giving a sign that my writing isn't falling onto blind eyes will drive me to continue reviewing, for the sake of my audience.

The Future of Blog
I plan to stray beyond anime in the future, like reviewing manga series, DVDs, and possibly games and other things out of Japan. But currently, that future is very bleak, because I have a lot of studies to keep up with. I post what I can when I can, so hopefully that's sufficient for now.

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