Code Geass Season Three Green-Lit

Well. It was expected, so this doesn't come as much of a surprise. Bandai confirmed rumors of a third Code Geass season with a rather provocative image that has begun to cause a stir in the anime blogosphere:

The large text reads: "New Code Geass Project Launch Green-Lit! Wait for more info in 2010!!"

The sub-text reads: "This is a new genesis . . . the day of rebirth. Today, Geass has reached a new stage. You will be cast a new Geass soon. Hope, wait and desire it enthusiastically. Don't forget. Geass is like a wish. If you wish, Geass will . . ."

In my opinion, Code Geass is getting to be like Twilight. Yeah, the first season was good, but as the story progressed, it started to lose the charm and quality I had initially come to like. (I'm not saying that I ever liked Twilight at all.) But now the fanbase is growing larger and larger, which will in turn spur the producers to insert more fanservice, which will really deteriorate the quality that true Code Geass came to like in the first place. Like anything, too much of one thing isn't good. The same goes for Code Geass. (It actually wasn't as spectacular as everyone described it to be anyways, but I liked it.)

Source: ANN | Mizu | Not Cliche


3 Responses to "Code Geass Season Three Green-Lit"
  1. gravatar Anonymous says:

    I REALLY LOVED CODE GEASS AND I CONTINUE TO LOVE IT . Its true that if a third season comes out with out something to tell us. Maybe it's a bad idea xD I really hope that they dont mess up the story ^^
    I really did not like twilight only the second one was best that the first one xD so I cannot agree .

  2. gravatar Anonymous says:

    Yes, successful shows reap the rewards of having to pander to large fanbases which turn them into generic shows. Such is life.

    Whenever someone says 'it's too much of a good thing' I always imagine someone eating carrots, infinitely. I wonder if you can die from an exclusively carrot based diet. Just putting it out there.

  3. gravatar Anonymous says:

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